Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inspiration under pressure

Did you ever have a time when you were asked to make designs that fit a certain criteria. Well recently, I have been making pendant/earring sets that, for this boutique, must stay at or below a certain price point. Typically, the designs I make fall in a higher price point, because to accomplish the design the way it is meant to be, takes longer and requires more materials.I always say, if you are a true artist, the parameters shouldn't make any difference. One should be able to create in all circumstances. Well, I am finding out that I can design at a lower price point and make pretty things......but I don't want to.That is a selfish notion, I know. But my designs come to life when they can run free. No fences, no stop signs. The truth is, to be a successful artist, one must be willing to work in non-ideal circumstances. Once I get used to the boundaries of size and price, I am sure there will be lots of room for creativity. But right now, I am fighting the battle of...I want to make what I want to make.So while I work on these mid price range sets, I am allowing myself to indulge on some of them. I am letting the designs go fully to the place they are heading. Those designs can be sold at a gallery or show. I am finding by allowing myself this freedom, when I know a piece isn't "finished", is actually helping me to have fresher ideas for the other work. It is all about respecting my process, and being able to meld that with a setof requirements. The two pieces here are pendants I allowed to go to their full potential. These will likely go to a gallery.


Youvegotmaille said...

Love the inspiration photos!

Creating lower-priced items is one thing, but sometimes you've got to follow the muse where it takes you, too. Love this pair! (did you do earrings?)

Misa said...

Hello Dawn,
I was blog-dead for a while, so I was scanning through your blog for some news. I really like the copper piece (what's up with me and copper???) -what stone did you use there?
Also I was wondering, have you ever received my message on I was in India and I wanted to see if I could find the boutique with jewellery of the Indian girl you told me about, but I never got an answer (it's not the first time, it happened with another person, so I wanted to see if the messages work correctly)... Anyway, I'm back now with some treasures and slowly back to jewellery making, it took me a while to wake up from a month-and-something long break.
Take care

sandyxxx said...

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