Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Extraordinary beauty

In one of my late night adventures looking for inspiration on Flickr, I discovered the beautiful creations of Israeli artist and industrial designer, Yael Falk. Yael had been working as an industrial designer, which mainly involves doing creative work on a computer. During a time of relocation to Switzerland, she took her first jewelry class and was instantly in love. These gorgeous pieces are all crocheted with wire. Back in Israel, Yael divides her time between the two arts, writing articles, and now has a new blog!
Yael also sells her beautiful creations on her Etsy shop YooLa.


Jen in KS said...


Perchance, have you seen the website of the knitter, Anthea Crome, who created the tiny knits for the movie Coraline?

Misa said...

Hi Dawn,

I have nominated you for A Lemonade Award, because I thing you are a great artist and I find lots of inspiration in your jewellery!
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